Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentines Day Special Gifts for that Special One

Valentines Day is here and is time to show your love to your loved ones!

Currently, I am selling bouquets of ferrero rocher. It comes in any sizes and any colour that you would like to custom make.

Please visit this site for some pictures of the bouquets of ferrero rocher.

Low prices everyday! TIme is bad and we know that! Thats why we are trying to make you pay lesser for a more quality gift for your loved ones. Guaranteed low price and high quality gifts!

Take a look at the site and if you need any order, please do so fast to avoid dissappointment!

Thank you for your kind attention.

PS: Please kindly help me to circulate to anyone who you think would be interested for such gifts. Thank you.

9798 2435

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Broadway Dance Studio

Its time to talk about my NYC again!

It was really a rare opportunity that I can make it for Luam's class, not once, but twice! She is damn zhai la! Furthermore, she is also very patient with her students.

The class was very packed, as what I have been warned by Winnie before going over. Hardly any space to dance. Despite of this, we did not hit onto each other! I think becoz all of her students very pro and used to dance in a packed class. So they will feel the ppl beside them and try not to hit.

The first choreo that I learnt was using "Move If You Wanna" by MIMS. Very very nice choreo. The second choreo was very nice too... but I forgot the steps liao... haha... never practice and never seen it in the youtube. Very sad. Hoping that it will be posted soon!

Move If You Wanna Choreo!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My depressing weekend and Blue-est Monday

A long and depressing weekend... a long and depressing monday...

Have never felt so down before! All kind of events happened on the same day, same period of time. Feel so lost, so demoralised.

Through these events, I realised that communications are indeed, super ultimate important! Relationship with your friends and colleagues are as important as well!

After talking to one of my close friends, I learnt something about myself too... actually, something that I keep avoiding and taking it for granted for so long... It is not easy to overcome it, but I will constantly and consiously keep in mind... I will be more ____... I also told this friend something that I can't share with many of you... something that I do not want to share... so please dun ask me k...

Some emo questions that I keep thinking for the past days...

Who is Terence?
What kind of person is he?
What things he likes?
Where is his love resides on?
What kind of future will this man holds?
When can he ever get more money?
When can he start to save without spending that much?

I would say that I started out my OX year in a mess! My room is in a mess. My dance project is in a mess. My career is in a mess. My money management is in a mess... I blame all to the fact that I do not have a tidy room... and I hope that now, I can have a better life...

By the way, I went to Shangri La Loh Hei Luncheon with my manager. And I won the first prize lucky draw! One weekend stay at Shangri La Singapore Club floor! Yea... I think this is the only thing I am happy about...

My new Ikea wardrobe and metal cabinet

Finally, everything is in place!

It has been a long journey to get this wardrobe! I have searched almost corner in Singapore to look for afforable, with mirror sliding door and the correct size of wardrobe to fit it into my small little room. At times, when I was too tired and sick of looking around anymore, I wanted to just buy one and settle it. But luckily I did not... After I moved in, I realised that another side of the room, the current wardrobe location, is a good place to place my new wardrobe and at the same time, I have ample of space to dance! haha! So I took the measurement, went to Ikea for the second time to hunt for this size of wardrobe... And I was lucky to get this! Really very thankful...

This wardrobe costs me $1100 while the metal cabinet costs me $178! Broke for now...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

My New Home... still... TPY!!!

I have just moved from Toa Payoh to Toa Payoh yet again! My life just simply surround TPY man... call me a TPY boy! haha..

My new home is at Lorong 5! Haven't really explore what is surrounding here.. perhaps got to do a orientation run to know the place faster?

Anyway for the past few days, I have been looking all over Singapore for a cupboard that I want! I am very picky and value minded... so if its not something that I like and value for money, I won't buy... and thats the reason for the following consequences...

My room is in a total mess! Everything is still in boxes and I got to dig out clothes that I want to wear... Pathetic!

Since is going to CNY soon... I really have no choice but to wait for CNY to be over before starting to hunt for my cupboard once again!

If you got any lobang or recommendations, please msg me k! THX!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Travel Bargains - Royal Carribean

Name of the cruise - Lengend of the Seas

Senior Citizens
Currently, there is a great offer for the senior citizens who would like to go for a relaxing 4 nights cruise to Port Klang, Malaysia and Phuket, Thailand.

from $279 + $68 (taxes and fees) per person based on TWN Sharing cabin
- As long as there is one senior citizen of age 55 and above, can share a TWIN cabin with another person who is not a senior citizen. And both of the occupants will pay the senior citizen rates!

Non Senior Citizen
Not forgetting for people like couples and friends, there are non senior citizen rates.
from $409 + $68 (taxes and fees) per person based on TWN Sharing cabin

In addition, kids can cruise for FREE! Yes for FREE! Just need to pay the port charges, gratuities and taxes and fees for the kid.

There is an additional discount on top of what I have showed you above! up to $400 discount on each cabin!

- For 23 and 27 Jan, there is a $400 discount on each cabin.
- For 19 and 16 Jan, there is a $200 discount on each cabin.
- Discount is applicable for certain cabins category only.

Perks onboard Royal Carribean, Lengend of the Seas
- Full course onboard! All meals are covered... you can eat till you drop!
- Rock climbing, outdoor pools, casino, performances, bars, shops, disco and lots more!

Too blur on the pricing? Not sure which discount you can enjoy? I am just a ring away!

Gosh... I am making this blog too advertisment liao... haha... times are bad man!

and my very own disclaimer...

* Please note that this post is merely a sharing session with my friends. None of the travel agents, companies and I shall be held responsible to commit the above recommendations, prices and itinerary in anyway.

Travel Bargain - Bali

I have decided to share all the cheap promo on travelling that are currently on sale with all of my friends... Some cheap bargains are mainly for agents like me to go. But if you can convince me to go with you, then you can also enjoy almost the same deal. HAHA! So please keep a lookout here ya! I will make sure you will know the world in no time!

Here is one of the great offer that I would to share with everyone.


Fly with Garuda Airlines to Bali
- $288 (incl of tax, subj to change)
- Valid till 31 March 09

Land Content
- A rough estimate of a good 4 stars hotel or villa for 4 days 3 nights will cost around $300.
- Inclusive of daily breakfasts
- Return airport transfers in Seat in coach basis.
- Half day Ubud True Life Village + Crispy Duck Lunch OR
- Half day Tanah Lot Temple + Grill Seafood Dinner at Jimbaran Or
- Denpassar City Shopping + Flying Gurane Lunch OR
- Afternoon Uluwatu Temple Sunset Tour + Kechak dance OR
- 2 hours spa treatment (Massage + Scrub + Flower bath)
- Free massage or meal at some selected hotels!

I think it is pretty cheap. Comparing to other airlines which fly direct to Bali, this deal offered by Garuda is much more cheaper and affordable! Usually a package like this with everything add in is around $900 bucks!

Actually I want to go Bali for a long time. Because I won some free 2 nights stay at Grand Istana Rama before. So maybe can stay 2 nights there then switch another hotel for another experience. I think going Bali is mainly to enjoy the resort and hotel facilities. So the hotel must be very nice and comfy. Unlike if you go places like Hong Kong or Japan, you do not want to stay in the hotel for too long ya... Coz there are so many happening shopping places and things to do out there!

So anyone wants to go in March? :)

Some pictures of the hotel that I want to go to redeem my prize!

These are some of the pictures of some good hotels.

* Please note that this post is merely a sharing session with my friends. None of the travel agents, companies and I shall be held responsible to commit the above recommendations, prices and itinerary in anyway.